Asociacilogo mpcsvg2ón de Investigación MPC – MATERIALS PHYSICS CENTER’ (henceforth MPC) is a research association founded to foster international excellence in materials nanoscience. MPC was established in 2009 and awarded Basic Excellence Research Centre (BERC) status by the Basque Government in the same year. 

The structural organisation, goals and scientific activity of MPC are totally coordinated and combined with those of Centro de Física de Materiales (CFM,, a joint centre between the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the Spanish Council of Scientific Research (CSIC). MPC serves as an instrumental body of activity for CFM. A consistent, intrinsically united and fully complementary directorship of both MPC and CFM is achieved by a joint appointment of the same Director for both bodies.


MPC is a research centre devoted to promote cutting-edge fundamental research on advanced materials, as well as to create new cohorts of highly skilled scientists who can face the challenges of excellence in research of materials science. The overall aim of MPC is to create a scientific and human environment of high quality devoted to excellence in the area of Material Physics research.


The vision of the centre is to become a world reference in topics of special interest in Materials Science and Technology worldwide, developing a focused strategy on specific research topics that can be led from a small scientific community as the one in the Basque Country.

The broad guiding principles of MPC are excellence in fundamental science, training of young scientists, collaborative international approach as well as outreach.


  • To continue developing consistent international relationships and partnerships.

  • To assist scientists focusing their research work towards high overall impact in response to science community and market needs, maintaining the recognised track-record of research achievements and improving the technology transfer approach.

  • To develop young and world-class scientists recruitment strategies.

  • To train scientists in materials science, supporting / participating in scientists training programmes.

  • To increase the visibility of the centre, reinforce science dissemination activities and outreach events.